On January 31st, all tenth to twelfth graders of our school attended a performance of the play “The Suitcase” by Jane Coyle, which was staged at the Vienna English Theatre.

The gist of the story is that a daughter and her mother find a suitcase filled with letters, recounting the tale of a Jewish dancer called Galina Stein and the development of her life during the reign of Nazi Germany.

I am one of the many students who thoroughly enjoyed the play and here is why: Firstly, it offered a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with friends while experiencing something sophisticated. Secondly, as students, we took advantage of perks like discounted tickets and an organized trip—luxuries that might be harder to come by once the responsibilities of adulthood take over. Plays like these provide a cherished escape, and we should relish these moments while we can.

The play was impressive overall, featuring a well-crafted story and passionate performances from the actors. Although their enthusiasm occasionally bordered on excessive, making some moments feel a bit overdone, this is often a charming aspect of live theatre. However, I must admit, the family dynamics were initially confusing, and I wasn’t alone in this sentiment; several others shared similar feedback.

In conclusion, the play was a very enjoyable experience, and I would love to attend another performance at the Vienna English Theatre. It is a wonderful way to bond with your classmates and friends as well as to experience something new and exciting. The theatre trip certainly did not disappoint!

Maria Kuruthukulangara (author) and Mag. Ralph Neumayer (editing)